Ptolemee is the privileged meeting point for professionals in charge of patrimonial enterprises and cultural issues....

Horaires du Forum.

Mardi 29 mai
9h30 > 18h00

Mercredi 30 mai
9h30 > 18h00

Ptolemee allows the meeting and dialogue between Museum and Exhibition Directors, Directors of Science Centers, Heritage Sites, Monuments, Cultural Theme Parks, Natural sites, and Local Authority representatives… They will gather over two days in order to understand the transformations of their work and to profit from the experience of colleagues, especially facing the acceleration in the usage of advanced technologies.

The focus of this edition is:

Connecting Museums and Territories: Museums' role in Local development, Culture/Heritage/Tourism, Digitalised Patrimony, Territorial portals, New arenas for art and culture…..

Optimizing Visitors's Policy: The New Working World and Cultural Practices, The Implications of the Virtual Visitors, Museums and schools, Foundations and Charities...

Developing the Patrimonial Enterprise: Cultural Projects and Strategic Projects, Museum or Monument Management, Working in a Network, New Exhibitions structures, Widening financing sources...

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